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In 2015 the Winnsboro Autumn Trails began the Autumn Trails Hall of Fame to recognize the individuals and families that have made Autumn Trails sucessful through the years. We will continue to grow our Hall of Fame each year to honor the many people that have made the Autumn Trails the great time-honored event it still is today.


Howard Rosser

Grayford Jones

Gerald Post

David Rose

Brett Burnett

Mike Banks​


 Hall of Fame Inductees:

Rayburn Denver

Gary Lile

Bob Berry

Redding Family ​

Clara Ziegler

Jimmie Davis

Carl Hodges


Friends of Autumn Trails

Autumn Trails would like to thank the "Friends of Autumn Trails" for all their hard work and dedication.

The Winnsboro Police and Fire Deptartment

The HAWKS are always there to help when needed. They have helped Autumn Trails Association with everything from judging the pie contest to providing security for our events.


The Autumn A's are great Autumn Trails supporters. They host our Swap Meet each year as well as bring many Model A's to Winnsboro for our Antique Car Parade.


Be sure to thank both groups for their dedication to Autumn Trails next time you see one of their members in town!

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